Matt "The Wizard" Hume

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Legendary and world renown trainer and former World Champion, Matt "The Wizard" Hume imparts his wisdom to the AMC students and instructors. The Wizard continues to create the world's best MMA fighters, such as current UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson, yet still enjoys teaching adults and children in the regular classes at AMC.

"I enjoy seeing the kids and adults accomplish their goals and have a great time in daily AMC life, just as much as I enjoy strapping the World Championship belt around my fighters waists. Both are equally important to me, and create the balance at AMC that makes it the place we all love to be at!"

Matt is currently the Vice President of Asia's largest MMA promotion, ONE Fighting Championship.

AMC Instructor: Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson

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The current 10X UFC Flyweight Champion, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson shares the enthusiasm, skill and energy that make him a champion and the "pound for pound" #1 fighter in the world!!

AMC instructor: Brandon Dudley


Former Ranger and top ranked fighter, Brandon is a technical genius with a true and sincere desire to help the AMC students improve their lives through Martial Arts.

AMC Submission Wrestling Instructor: Tony Sablan "Smooth"

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Tony's friendly style and demeanor always keep the students smiling while learning and working out. Tony has over 15 years of MMA experience alongside the world's best.

AMC Striking Instructor: Gabe Walton

Gabe leads the perfect combination of proper technique with cardio and stretching in his extremely popular boxing and kickboxing classes. With 15 years of AMC training and fighting experience, and an undefeated kickboxing record, Gabe brings functional striking training to the masses!

AMC Striking Instructor: Manny Michels

Combining AMC training with a stint in the Muay Thai camps of Thailand, Manny brings incredible technique with a laid back and fun teaching style that is a huge hit with the AMC students!

AMC Striking instructor: Michael Briggs: Pic and info coming soon!

AMC Kickboxing Instructor: Luis Guillen - Pic and info coming soon!

AMC Instructor: Greg "The Rage" Sage - Pic and info coming soon!

Pro Fight Trainer - Brad Kertson - Pic and info coming soon!